Investments | Retirement Planning | Group Schemes


As an independent financial adviser, we can offer you advice on a range of investments, depending on your specific needs. Products available include Unit Trust investments, Endowment policies and Tax- Free investments, be it either local or off-shore. We have access to all the big reputable investment managers across South Africa to diversify your investment risks. Let us help you to save for a specific goal like a holiday, deposit on a house, or for your children’s education needs.

Retirement Planning

Let our competent and qualified staff help you with your retirement planning. We can do a Financial Needs Analyses for you to identify your shortfalls. We have access to all the big reputable investment managers in South Africa and can advise you on fund selection to address your specific risk appetite and risk tolerance. Products offered include Retirement annuities, Pension and Provident preservation funds as well as post-retirement products like Living- and Life annuities.

Group Schemes

You can set up an efficient retirement savings solution for you and your employees with a Group Retirement Annuity system. These unit trust base RA’s are managed on a group basis with minimal administration requirements. Your employees get all the benefits of having their own RA including tax advantages, investment choices, flexibility, and portability. Other products also offered to include Pension and Provident funds for your employees.