Newsletter September 2021

What Exactly is Sasria, and Are You Covered?

The violent unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng during July caused an estimated R50bn worth of damage. However, most insurance policies would not cover any of these losses.

That is because insurers do not themselves cover against special risks such as strikes, riots and terrorism. These are specifically excluded from most policies.

Fortunately, however, South Africans do have a backup. Following the unrest there was a lot of talk about Sasria, which insures against exactly these kinds of events.

But what exactly is Sasria, and how does it work? Read on to get the facts. 

Do You Know the Five Kinds of Tax You’re Paying on Your Investments?

Tax is one of life’s certainties. And for any investor, it is important to know how and why your money might be taxed.

While tax implications alone are not a good enough reason to choose one type of investment over another, they do need to be factored into an investment plan. A good financial planner will look at structuring your investments in the best way possible to reduce the impact that tax has on the long-term growth of your money.

In this article we look at the five ways in which your investments are impacted by tax, and why it is important to consider options with tax benefits.

Your Will and A Practical Plan for Your Loved Ones

Whether you are young or old, healthy or ill, single or attached, you should have a will (“Last Will and Testament”).  Without one, you die “intestate”, which means you forfeit your right to decide who inherits what, who administers and distributes your estate, and who looks after your children and their money.  You owe it to your loved ones to spare them the inevitable financial and personal risks.

We share with you a practical guide to ensuring that your family is looked after and protected long after you are taken from them. We’ll include ideas on what to incorporate in an information file giving them everything they will need.

Quote of the Month – What Do You Value?

“Each rand that flows into our lives (be that into a bank account or as cash into our pocket) offers us a financial choice: how to put it to best use. We can use it to pay off yesterday’s debts, to cover today’s expenses, responsibilities and luxuries, or save it for tomorrow.

It is useful to reflect from time to time on what proportion of our income we are allocating in these three directions. This exercise reveals as much about what we value as individuals as it does about the financial pressures we face. If we truly value something, then, over time, it should show up in our actions and behaviours.

The paradox, of course, is that, if asked, we would all say that our futures are incredibly important to us, but for many, the proportion of our income directed to tomorrow simply does not align with this stated value…

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