Newsletter May 2021

Do You Give Your Financial Health as Much Focus as Your Physical Wellbeing?

Around the world, people are eating healthier, exercising more and doing things like yoga and meditation to reduce their stress. Many people in their 40s report feeling fitter and more health conscious now than they were in their 20s.

However, few of us pay as much attention to our financial wellbeing as we do to spending time at the gym. And worrying about money can be just as detrimental to your health as a lack of exercise.

In this article we look at the idea of good financial health, and four steps to putting yourself on a sound footing.  

How Safe Are Money Market Funds and What’s the Fuss About Absa’s?

Last month Absa announced that it is closing its Money Market fund. This is the third biggest unit trust in the country, so thousands of South Africans are going to be affected. 

The reason Absa gave for closing the fund is that investors had the wrong idea about what the product was. A survey found that most of them thought their savings were guaranteed by Absa, which they were not. A money market fund, Absa pointed out, is a unit trust, and not a bank account.

So, what exactly is a money market fund, and should you be worried if you are invested in one?  

Buying and Selling Property: Some Common Questions Asked and Answered

For many of us, our homes and perhaps also an investment property or two can be our most important assets. But the buying and selling process can seem to the layperson like a complex process, fraught with arcane terminology and risk.

Relax, help is at hand! To ease you into the process in clear and plain language, we ask (and answer) some common questions asked by both buyers and sellers. 

We include a link to a simple but useful Guide from the Law Society of South Africa, with a discussion around why taking professional advice upfront is a no-brainer for both parties, plus we share some thoughts on planning your finances to avoid nasty surprises, and some pointers to common pitfalls.

Quote of The Month – Retirement Re-imagined

It’s a depressing thought, but a reality we have to live with – none of us can ever be sure when we are going to die. That’s why even in the best of times having a valid and fully updated Last Will and Testament in place is essential to ensure that your loved ones are properly catered for when you are gone. And these of course are if anything the very worst of times, with uncertainty and the risk of deadly infection lurking around every corner.

Take a moment therefore to consider whether your will needs updating in any respect. To help you, we list nine “trigger events” to watch for. Read the list, think about whether any updates are called for, and if so have a look at our end piece “How to update your will”.

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